A small novel for a big timelessness.

Dec 13, 2018

A small novel for a big timelessness. A Bulgarian-version Kafkian story in an end-of-the-century Eastern European context. The characters do not strive after a phantasmal castle, but vegetate in an indescribable institution, paralyzed by fatuity and produce uncontainable and universal frustrations treated with short-lived flirtations, nostalgic memories of childhoods not yet lived and tempestuous vows for a meaningful life.

The novel works microscopically on a macroscopically enlarged way of life. Each character narrates a monologue containing pieces of his life in order to create an impression that he has recounted his entire life and even more of it in the general chagrin of the characters. The language is born out of idioms and clichés in total conformity with the plot absurdities.
“Placenta” is an interesting achievement of an incisive writer and is undeniably different from the multitude of today’s texts, hatching the panorama of the Bulgarian literary area of recent years.

Prof. Simeon Yanev

Количката е празна