Atlas Of Bulgarian Endemic Plants

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The Book comprises 164 Bulgarian and Balkan endemic taxa.

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Endemics have always been the object of special attention as the most important and valuable indicators of plant diversity. Atlas of Bulgarian Endemic Plants comprises 164 Bulgarian and Balkan endemic taxa (140 species and 24 subspecies) belonging to 34 families, most with limited distribution and conservation status.
Families are presented in the same sequence as in Flora Europaea, while the species within a family are in alphabetical order. The following information is provided for each taxon: Latin name, authority, short morphological description, endemic type, habitat and ecology, distribution, threat status and references.
Expressive, professionally executed and scientifically precise are the colour illustrations of the taxa.
The book includes also a List of the Bulgarian endemics and the floristic regions in which they occur.
The authors are eminent botanists, with extensive professional experience.
The book will be of interest of every professional botanists, students, naturalists or lovers of botanical art.


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