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The Secret Diary Of Adrian Mole Aged 13 ¾
Sue Townsend
Adrian Mole shares with absolute honesty details about his life of a sensitive poet, misunderstood intellectual, and unhappily enamoured.

Maxi And Mo - Love & Co.
Dagmar Geisler
Maxiis in love. Totally crazy about the guy. And Patrick, of all people! Who thinks he’s Casanova and has just stood her up for the third time in a row!

Lost Chat
Elisabeth Gänger
I hate Leo. Why do not you stop me before I say some Stupidity?

Cpmpletely in Love on the Class Trip
Ilona Einwolt
You will have so much fun with this book! You'll have the opportunity to choose how events will develop - in a sense you will become a co writer.

Kisses according to Schedule
Ilona Einwolt
This book is about love, friendship and choices. There are no rules here, because we are talking about feelings and...

Tick asThieves, Super Party
Ilona Einwolt
Maya is anxious because maybe Alex will come, and she is in love with him. She organizes everything and tries on the coolest clothes with her friends.