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Let us make you Happy everything you do after reading this Book, because that's the Point of Adventures.

Wanda's First School Stories
Dagmar Geisler
Seven-year-old Wanda is smart, sassy and already a bit on the cheeky side.In her uniquely charming way, she tells us all about her colourful schooldays –

Wanda - TV Star
Dagmar Geisler
There’s nothing Wanda hates more than having her picture taken! But when a friend of her mother’s, is desperate to find some kids to appear in a...

Wanda And The Girl Haters
Dagmar Geisler
Wanda has been looking forward to the school trip to the country house for days, especially as they're going with that nice supply teacher who loves...

Wanda's Wild Heroes
Dagmar Geisler
Wanda can’t believe what’s happening! Dad’s girlfriend Inge has finally given birth to a lovely baby boy, and Wanda...

Wanda's Secret Notebook
Dagmar Geisler
No, no! Wanda just can’t believe it. This is decidedly too much! Fabian Schilling of all people, Fabian the spoilsport, the ultimate tell-tale and...